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Thursday, January 5th, 2006
9:51 pm
Ultimate Peaceful Holiday...!!!!
My husband and I want to go on a second honeympoon or at least a darned good vacation one of these days, and I suffer from sensory issues and desperately want to go somewhere that's KAAAAA-WYYYYYYYY-AAAAAAAAATTTT!!! This means no pushy crowds, wild parties or screaming babies. Seriously, is there such a place? If so, where?

A. If money were no object
B. If such a place exists for folks like us who are on a budget that's tighter than a condom on a watermelon!

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Monday, August 15th, 2005
9:32 pm
Preventing Colds and Other Sickness...
Starting tomorrow morning, I think I should start taking echineacea before I leave for my trip. This is the first time I've been on a plane since 1994 and I almost ALWAYS catch a cold when I travel by plane. I believe it's the recycled air we have to breathe, combined with so many people in one confined space. I used to be sick all the time travelling on the Go train and I had a cold after my 8-hour bus ride home from Binghamton 2 years ago. DOes anyone else experience this?
Saturday, August 13th, 2005
3:01 am
Favorite Places...

Just wondering if any of you have a favorite vacation place you've enjoyed visiting regularly. I am crazy about Niagara Falls and I've usually gone there at least once every year for the last decade. I've been posting about my adventures there in niagarabugz
Friday, August 12th, 2005
2:33 pm
Comforts of Home...
I am interested in finding out if anyone else has certain things they like to bring with them while they are travelling to help them feel more comfortable away from home.

In less than two weeks I plan on going to Pittsburgh for a few days and I plan on bringing the following;

1. My two favorite stuffed animals; a small yellow duck named Waddle and a Beanie leopard we simply call The Cat.

2. My heart-shaped leopard cushion with buckwheat and lavendar filling. I always sleep better when I've got this behind my neck.

3. Walkman and favorite CD's to a) protect me from unpleasant noises during the journey, b) provide me with lively music for my early morning walks.

4. My bathing suit. I MUST go swimming at least once during my vacation. I'm disappointed that this hotel I''l be staying at doesn't open the pool until 8:00 a.m.

Here is a question...when I'm too excited to sleep I often get hungry in the middle of the night. What foods do you reccommend? I haven't had to do this in a long time but when I'm home I sometimes have a bowl of cereal. I forgot to ask if there's a fridge in my room.
11:17 am
Introductory Post!!!
Greetings and Salutaitions, this is beetlebomb here. As moderator of this community I would like to welcome you one and all to ASD Travel Support.

Although travel is supposed to be a fun and exciting adventure, sometimes it can be a challenge and less than pleasant for those of us with Asperger's Syndrome our Autism due to our sensory issues, disruption of usual routine, etc.

In this community I want to address these issues and provide a place where we can provide one another with helpful tips and coping strategies in order to help eachother have a more enjoyable trip.

As an Aspie and seasoned traveller, I want to share some of my own tips and experience and I also invite you to share your rants so that your next journey can be more fun and relaxing.

I've had my share of meltdowns and unpleasant experiences on the road, but I also know what works to make a trip run more smootly and pleasantly.

ANy ideas and suggestions you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Here are a few of mine...

1. A Walkman is your best friend. Always travel with a good selection of your favorite music to drown out unpleasant noises such as noisy gum-chewers, crying babies, etc.

2. Get plenty of exercise and rest when possible. Part of the reason my 8-hour bus trip to Binghamton went so well in 2003 was that the bus made several stops and I took the opportunity to stretch my legs, make use of washroom facilities, etc. I also got up early to make use of the pool every morning. It was a wonderful way to start my day. A swim before bed was also a wonderful way to help me relax and sleep well. No time to swim? A warm bath with a good book is relaxing.

3. Never underestimate the importance of QUIET TIME!! Study your itinerary to schedule time to rest. When my friends and I go on our Niagara trips, we usually have siesta time for awhile in the afternoon. If you have no time to nap in your hotel room in the afternoon, rest on the bus. Make sure people know your boundaries.

I'll share more ideas later. I hafta go now! Love y'all!

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