beetlebomb (beetlebomb) wrote in asd_travel,

Comforts of Home...

I am interested in finding out if anyone else has certain things they like to bring with them while they are travelling to help them feel more comfortable away from home.

In less than two weeks I plan on going to Pittsburgh for a few days and I plan on bringing the following;

1. My two favorite stuffed animals; a small yellow duck named Waddle and a Beanie leopard we simply call The Cat.

2. My heart-shaped leopard cushion with buckwheat and lavendar filling. I always sleep better when I've got this behind my neck.

3. Walkman and favorite CD's to a) protect me from unpleasant noises during the journey, b) provide me with lively music for my early morning walks.

4. My bathing suit. I MUST go swimming at least once during my vacation. I'm disappointed that this hotel I''l be staying at doesn't open the pool until 8:00 a.m.

Here is a question...when I'm too excited to sleep I often get hungry in the middle of the night. What foods do you reccommend? I haven't had to do this in a long time but when I'm home I sometimes have a bowl of cereal. I forgot to ask if there's a fridge in my room.
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